Hong Kong CQ Centre is set up by a group of enthusiastic scholars and professionals from different sectors, including education, business, tourism, etc.  As globalisation has taken place in the last 2 decades, it is extremely necessary for our future leaders to possess high cultural intelligence so that they can strategize in a cross-cultural environment and lead Hong Kong to develop to her full swing.   Our expertise in education and childhood development have driven us and empowered us to have designed different cultural courses and events suitable for the school children to go in line with the globalised world. 

Our vision is to educate our citizens to have a insightful international perspective, which allows them to achieve remarkable achievements in academics, work and interpersonal relationships.

We are committed to cultivating more leaders with high cultural intelligence in Hong Kong!

Mr. David Livermore, PhD, President of the Cultural Intelligence Center (our accreditation partner) and author of many books on cultural intelligence & our founder- Mr. Brian Chan, Master CQ.